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I finally tried Amazon's free, two-hour Whole Foods delivery, and I was shocked to discover it isn't free

    I tested Amazon's free, two-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores.
    I loved the convenience of the service but was shocked to find that it wasn't technically free.
    The app tacks on an optional tip for the courier that cost me $18, on top of the $163 that I paid for the groceries.

    That means the service is only free if shoppers opt out of tipping their couriers.

Amazon is now offering free, two-hour delivery of Whole Foods groceries to members of its paid Prime program in about 30 metro areas across the United States.

The delivery offer, which will roll out to all stores this year, is one of the most highly touted changes that Amazon has brought to Whole Foods since purchasing the grocery chain in a $13.7 billion deal last year.

I tested the service in Richmond, Virginia, and was shocked to find that it wasn't technically free. Here's how it went:
Amazon delivers Whole Foods groceries through its same-day delivery service, Prime Now. I opened the Prime Now app to start my order and found it easy to locate and browse the selection of goods offered at the Whole Foods store closest to us.

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